Academic Integrity Seminar Information

In collaboration with the University Writing & Rhetoric Center, Student Rights & Responsibilities has created an Academic Integrity Seminar to address issues of student misconduct. 

Course Description

The primary purpose of this seminar is to assist you in understanding better the importance of moving through your academic career with integrity and honesty.

Additionally, this course intends to help you learn more about Cal Poly’s Academic Integrity expectations and how they connect to the Mustang Way. Why? Because the choices you make as a student may lead to similar choices you make in your career. That is, academic integrity leads to professional integrity, and we want to see you grow from this experience.

This seminar takes an educational approach over a punitive one in that the exercises are designed to invite you to explore why academic integrity is important and to reflect upon your own ethical way of being in the world.

Course Outcomes

During this 4-week hybrid course, you will engage in both online activities and face-to-face meetings with a writing tutor and a peer mentor.  The activities and meetings are designed so that you accomplish the following outcomes:

  • Engage in real-world ethical dilemmas
  • Learn how to avoid plagiarism
  • Think critically about the consequences of academic dishonesty
  • Understand what it means to have academic integrity
  • Develop your own academic integrity philosophy
  • Reflect upon how your actions today can impact your future
  • Consider how you intend to embrace personal and professional integrity in the future

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