Welcome to the Educated Renter Certificate Program!

We understand that it is very difficult to find housing in the city of San Luis Obispo and it is our goal to help educate students on ways to become an ideal rental applicant. While property management companies make decisions based on income, credit, and rental history, Educated Renter Certification will set you apart from other applicants. We encourage you, as Cal Poly students, to be great community members, good neighbors, and responsible tenants. We also encourage you to take it one step further and become a Certified Educated Renter.

It is also important that you make a successful transition from living on-campus to off-campus in the San Luis Obispo community. This site will be useful in making the transition to off-campus living. To become certified, you must enroll [click here] to take the assessment. Within 48 hours after you have enrolled you will notice that you have a new PolyLearn class on your portal. At this time you may log into the class on your PolyLearn site to take the assessment. You must complete the timed assessment within the time indicated and score at least 70% or higher.

To successfully complete the assessment we strongly advise you review all sections of this program to be prepared. The following information is a comprehensive overview of your rights and responsibilities as a renter, as well as information about resources and related policies. After successfully completing the assessment, you will receive instructions on where to pick-up your certificate. Please include your certificate with your rental application for consideration.

When house hunting, it is important to read rental ads completely. Before contacting property management companies, please make sure your expected move-in date matches the rental unit’s availability date. Property managers will not “hold” a property for you to begin renting for a later date.

The following property management companies accept Educated Renter Certificates:

The University has not inspected, approved, or disapproved of the facilities listed, and therefore does not accept responsibility for the listings.


For questions or concerns please contact Off Campus Programs at (805) 756-5841 or email offcampusprograms@calpoly.edu​.

Happy house hunting!

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