FAQ from parents

What can you tell me about my child's situation?

Student Rights & Responsibilities wants to involve parents in their children's situations that resulted in a charge with our office as much as possible. We will engage parents as part of the process in all respects, we just need the student to fill out a FERPA release so that we can talk about the case. 

How often do students get in trouble?

Student Rights & Responsibilities processed over 900 violations of the Standards for Student Conduct last year, resulting in about 2% of the total Cal Poly student population.

Can you tell me about my child's housing situation?

While student discipline is conducted and monitored by Student Rights & Responsibilities, many of the misconduct that occurs on campus occurs within the residence halls. Residence hall discipline is handled internally, and you should contact housing@calpoly.edu to learn more about your child's situation in residence life. 


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