Should I Report? Yes!

The easiest answer to this questions is yes. We encourage faculty members to report all instances of academic dishonesty to Student Rights & Responsibilities, for, at the very minimum, records-keeping purposes. 


We know that students are going to cheat. This is the inevitable truth of being in higher education. What we also know is that students are less likely to cheat if they believe that there are real consequences to their actions. There indeed are real consequences to committing academic dishonesty including having to attend an ethics seminar as well as the possibility of being suspended or expelled. 

No Action is Okay

Just because you report an act of academic dishonesty does not mean that Student Rights & Responsibilities is going to take punitive action against the student. We understand that each circumstance surrounding academic dishonesty is unique, and we will defer to the expertise of the reporting faculty member. In cases of No Action, we simply would like the information for records-keeping purposes. 


We want to collaborate with faculty members on these sensitive issues. We want to receive feedback on what works well within our process and what does not. We are very open, and we will defer to the faculty member's expertise in the area, if desired, or we will take the case up on our own, if desired. Ultimately, the goal of reporting, transparency, and collaboration is to creat a culture of integrity within our Cal Poly students. 

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