Social Media 101

Be Smart.

We get it. You enjoy posting on social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, Yik Yak, Fade, Unseen, Shush, Secret, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest. All we ask is that you be smart about your social media usage. The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities does not regularly monitor any social media websites. OSRR does receive reports from students about sites, which can lead to an investigation if the content violates the Standards for Student Conduct. Be smart about who, what, where, when, and why you post to social media websites. It can lead to not only Cal Poly sanctions, but also it can lead to court and jail. 

Why Anonymity? 

Being anonymous does not give you power. Under the right circumstances, posting anonymously can provide an outlet to vent. Under many circumstances, anonymous posts occur because the content of the post is defamatory, illegal, or discriminatory. Use the following guidelines if you question your SnapChat, YikYak, or Fade post. Remember, anyone can take a screen shot, and it usually does not take a whole lot of effort to determine who posted "anonymously." 


  • If you wouldn't read your Yik Yak at your college graduation or to your parents, you probably shouldn't post it.
  • If the food you just had was terrible, don't Yak about it; write a review on Yelp!
  • If you think your post might come off as racist or insensitive, chances are it is, and you probably shouldn't post it.
  • If what you're about to post is super funny, don't post it anonymously. You should get credit for it! Post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Vine.
  • If you find a good deal near campus, definitely Yak about it! We all want to know.
  • If you see a suspicious package on your campus, call campus police.

 Most of this is common sense, but we just want to reinforce simple principles that you should abide by when using Social Media.

Help Us! 

If you think someone is doing something that does not meet the values that Cal Poly students should uphold, help OSRR and the campus community remove the information. You can: 

  1. Take a screenshot.
  2. If it is a YikYak, in the comments, post YikYakYuck and the post will be removed.
  3. Vote down the post on YikYak and Fade -- it gets removed more quickly that way!
  4. Fill out an anonymous report here.
  5. Call out whoever posted the rude or inappropriate content -- social pressure to conform to high standards works. 

If campus works together, we can ensure that all of the social media posts are positive!


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